Terms & Conditions

This video programme is designed to give you an introduction to solution focused therapy and the techniques it involves. It is designed to help you gain a better understand of anxiety, stress and depression.

This is a programme for self-help. It is NOT designed to be a replacement for in-person 1-to-1 therapy. Please consider if bespoke therapy would be a more suitable solution for you.

The aim of this course is to help you alleviate some symptoms of anxiety and stress but your issues may require further advice from a medical/mental health professional.

Please note that the videos should be viewed when in a quiet and safe place where you can fully concentrate on them. You MUST NOT listen to the videos or the downloadable relaxation recording whilst driving or operating machinery.

This programme is designed for you to work through on your own. Although I am always happy to answer questions via email, I cannot provide personalised advice in addition to this programme unless you see me as a private client.

As everyone’s minds are different, results are not guaranteed and can vary. Success is closely linked with your desire to change and your commitment to the programme. Please consider and ensure that you can give the necessary time, motivation and resource to the programme before embarking upon it.