How to Empty Your Stress Bucket – and keep it empty for life

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How to Overcome Anxiety & Stress

A 4-week solution-focused therapy programme

Are you suffering from anxiety and stress? Are you experiencing depression, phobias, fears, lack of motivation, low self-esteem and lack of confidence? Then this 4-week video course is for you!

Learn how to manage anxiety & stress, so that you can live a long, healthy and happy life. Based on the solution-focused process, this course explains what actually happens in our brain when we're stressed or anxious – and how we can use that to empty our stress buckets.

This course offers lots of helpful resources to help you manage anxiety & stress. It's based on my 1-to-1 solution-focused therapy sessions, so it's enjoyable and relaxing without the need for extensive analysis or digging deep into the past.

You will get:

  • A downloadable audio relaxation recording to fall asleep to
  • eBooks on anxiety and depression
  • A positivity journal
  • Worksheets for each session

Even better, you can go through the process at your own pace as well as repeat and review any of the content as much and whenever you like. Read on to find out more about the course and solution-focused therapy or sign up now!

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During the course you will

  • Find out about the brain basics and why we experience anxiety, stress & depression
  • Learn why sleep is the best therapy and how it helps you empty your stress bucket
  • Get to know the solution-focused process and the techniques that help manage your anxiety
  • Apply and practice what you have learned with the provided tools & resources

Manage Your Mental Health with Confidence

In solution-focused therapy, we don't need to dig deep into your past to help you move forward. This course gives you the tools & techniques to empty your stress bucket and keep it empty for life!

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This course is for you if...

  • You're experiencing anxiety or stress-related issues like IBS, sleep disorders or phobias
  • You want to learn the tools to help you manage your mental health
  • You prefer to create a better future rather than analysing the past
  • You want to learn more about the solution-focused formula & process

Ms D.

"Since I finished the course I have felt my anxiety level being generally lower. And when it does spike I can bring it down quicker than I used to. Thank you!"

Mr L.

"A fantastic, insightful and incredibly well thought out workshop. I was actually a bit emotional as it closed off at the end there!"

Mrs M.

"I felt so well supported, like my needs have been anticipated and provided for. How is this possible when you don’t know me or my problems? Amazing!"

Science-backed Stress & Anxiety Management that Delivers

Whether you prefer video, audio or text, you can choose from a wide range of resources!

Online Course: Solution-Focused Therapy for Anxiety & Stress
Online Course: Solution-Focused Therapy

Learn how to manage your stress bucket & keep it empty for life with this solution-focused online course. Following the same formula as my therapy sessions, it's a practical guide to manage anxiety & stress.

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Podcast: Stress Bucket Solutions by Gin Lalli

Check out my weekly podcast Stress Bucket Solutions for my top tips on how to feel calm, relaxed, motivated and in control of your thoughts and feelings. Now available to listen on all major podcast platforms.

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Book: How to Empty Your Stress Bucket

Find out more about the brain basics & the solution-focused formula for anxiety & stress. Full of examples & practical resources, the book is available as paperback, ebook or on my podcast.

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About Gin Lalli

A practical approach to mental health

As solution-focused therapist, I have worked with people from all walks of life – from professional athletes to executives. And I can't get enough of seeing the changes in people and the amazing results they achieve.

Having started my career as an optometrist, I got my diploma as solution-focused therapist at The Clifton Practice in Leeds. Additionally, I'm a certified Nutrition & Health Coach (Cadence Health) and have recently completed Sleep Unlimited‘s R.E.S.T. programme™.

Find out more about Gin
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